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  • Magnat Quantum Edelstein
    Magnat Quantum Edelstein

    High-end compact loudspeaker in a 2-way bass reflex design

  • Magnat Humidor
    Magnat Humidor

    High-end 2-way shelf-top speaker with genuine cedar wood veneer

  • Magnat CS40
    Magnat CS40

    High-end multi-room loudspeaker in a timeless design

  • Magnat SB 180
    Magnat SB 180

    Fully active home cinema soundbar, including subwoofer and Bluetooth®

  • Magnat CS10
    Magnat CS10

    Stylish multi-room loudspeaker with WLAN and built-in battery

  • Magnat CBS 1000
    Magnat CBS 1000

    Home cinema soundbar with wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth and WLAN function

  • Magnat Needle Alu Sat
    Magnat Needle Alu Sat

    2-way center speaker in solid aluminium enclosure

  • Magnat Needle Alu Super Center
    Magnat Needle Alu Super Center

    2-way center speaker in solid aluminium enclosure




LOIT was borne out of a desire to produce unique and distinctive audio products.
To achieve this goal, we have partnered with reputed aesthetics designer,
Art Lebedev, and spent endless effort to match components perfectly.

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  • The inspiration of the Passeri comes from the 4000 species of songbirds, in which its vocal organs are developed to produce diverse and elaborate bird songs. Passeri can reproduce the CD recording faithfully. Player will experience the sound stage with incredible space between the instruments and a blackness where all instruments emerge from.   It is the...

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