MCCI - Balanced Moving Coil Phono Amp

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PHONO MCCI is a truly balanced, global feedback free, passively equalised moving coil phono pre-amplifier with the exceptional Current Injection input and LEF single ended class-A output stages.


The vinyl disc, dinosaur of music recording formats, only barely survived the CD. Today, however, the quality of turntables, tone-arms, and cartridges has increased to unprecedented levels, which vinyl recording producers support by pressing higher quality discs in limited quantities. This means new challenges as well as new opportunities for phono amplifiers.


The only consistent way to process the delicate music signal from a moving coil cartridge is with a balanced Current Injection (CI) input as the cartridge's signal is among the most sensitive an audio amplifier circuit will encounter. Using CI, the current of the moving coil flows through the phono amplifier, including the first half of the RIAA equalization. The result is a level of dynamics, impact, spaciousness and richness of color that surpasses the performance of step-up transformers as well as the usual voltage inputs.


At the same time, Current Injection electrically damps the moving coil cartridge by letting energy flow into the CI input, instead of eliminating it in a cartridge load resistor. Transformed energy sounds different than and superior to eliminated energy.


B.M.C.'s use of virtually distortion-free circuits with a Current Injection input and a Load-Effect Free output brings to listeners an advanced musical experience — exceptionally lifelike, open and natural.


Combining the CI input with a low impedance moving coil cartridge gives new meaning to the phrase "dynamic system."





Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz

=/- 0.25dB

Input Impedance

< 3 Ohm
The input sensitivity and thus gain are not represented by usual specifications, as they depend on the cartridge’s impedance and current. This way a virtually “automatic” gain adjustment is achieved. Additionally the gain can be set in a range of 12dB. Experiences show that even lowest output cartridges still deliver enough current for a decent output signal.

Output Impedance

100 Ohm

Output Voltage max. at 1% THD

8, 4Vrms
THD at 1kHz, 4Vrms0,025%
THD at 1kHz, 2Vrms0,007%
Signal to Noise (A-bew.)>80dB
Signal to Noise above 1kHz> 95dB
Subsonic-Filter (intern eninstellbar)-6dB / 10 Hz
Power Consumption18 – 20 Watt
Dimensions (W x H x D)435 x 78 x 320mm
Dimension including knobs and terminals435 x 91 x 350mm