Power Sound Audio S3000i

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The S3000i delivers a potent combination of extreme extension and violent mid and upper bass “slam”. The new ICEpower® 1700W amplifier and improved SE drivers are engineered to provide incredible output levels as well as superior transient response. The highly rigid enclosure allows the S3000i to remain acoustically inert even while producing bass levels that will leave your home shuddering. The S3000i strikes the perfect engineering balance between remarkable performance and contemporary styling.This beast of a subwoofer isn't for everyone but if you demand the most powerful sealed subwoofer anywhere near this price point look no further.




  • Two proprietary, 15" high excursion drivers with powerful motor strength and efficiency.
  • Patented digital ICEpower® 1700W amplifier with DSP control
  • CNC precision cut cabinets that are finished in our industry exclusive satin black texture
  • 17Hz-200Hz +/-3dB (7Hz-11Hz typical in-room extension)





  • Ultra-low bass (20-31.5 Hz): 118.5dB
  • Low bass (40-63Hz): 129.9dB


*Subtract 9dB for an equivalent RMS 2m ground plane measurement distance.



Technical Data


Size (D x W x H)

18” x 24” x 22.5”


110 lbs

Driver(s)Two 15”
Amp TechnologyICEpower
Amp Power725W
System Type


In-room Extension


Wood Finish


Shipping Weight124 lbs






16Hz – 25Hz


31Hz – 50HZ


63Hz – 100Hz133.7
16Hz – 100Hz127.8
PSA Output Factor*1.0


  •          The PSA Output Factor shows how many subwoofers it takes to equal the output of the highlighted Power Sound Audio subwoofer. 






  •          Power Sound Audio proprietary 15” drivers
  •          High excursion capabilities (2" peak to peak)
  •          Extended and vented pole geometry
  •          Vented back plate to maximize air flow
  •          Double stacked 80oz. ferrite magnets
  •          Extremely linear and dynamic motor system
  •          Highly treated, Kevlar-reinforced rigid paper cone body
  •          Paper dust cap with acrylic coating
  •          Epoxy reinforced cone neck/apex joint
  •          Concentric foam surround, treated for longevity
  •          Die-cast, twelve spoke, rigid aluminum frame with under spider cooling vents
  •          Three inch diameter, four layer copper voice coil wound on a rigid multi-layer aluminum former with Kapton heat shielding
  •          Fatigue limiting designed, silver alloy lead wires
  •          Single poly cotton semi-progressive, high excursion spider
  •          Assembled in the USA




  •          ICEpower® audio technology
  •          Amplifier Power: 1700 watts
  •          Inputs: Left and Right RCA inputs
  •          On, Auto, Off selector
  •          Gain control
  •          Time delay(phase) control
  •          Crossover control
  •          Room size control
  •          Custom DSP(digital signal processing) enables superior engineering refinement
  •          CE and FCC approved; EMC and safety pre-approved
  •          Fully integrated amplifier and power supply with mains-converter and auxiliary-converter
  •          Patented HCOM modulation and control techniques for unparalleled audio accuracy
  •          Sound optimized soft clipping
  •          Soft start power up with mute/de-mute.
  •          Thermal and over-current protection
  •          Standby converter with low standby power consumption (less than 1 watt)
  •          Universal mains operation (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz)
  •          Standby power consumption 170 mW @ 230 V
  •          ErP (1275/2008/EC) compliant
  •          Energy Star®v3.0 compliant
  •          117 dBA dynamic range
  •          THD+N = 0.005 % @ 1 W (4 Ω, 1 kHz)
  •          THD+N = 0.0008 % @ 50 W (4 Ω, 100 Hz)
  •          CCIF IM distortion = 0.0003 %, 10 W, 4 Ω, 18.5 kHz / 1 kHz
  •          High output current limit of 30 A




  •          Sealed enclosure
  •          Dual opposed, side-firing drivers with grill covers
  •          Super durable, black sand textured finish
  •          Precision machined CNC panels for perfect fit of all components
  •          Rigid MDF baffles 
  •          Dimensions (D x W x H): 18” x 24” x 22.5” includes grills
  •          Weight: 110lbs
  •          Made in the USA