Soul Note E-2 Phono Pre-amplifier
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Now this is something, that I'm sure will intrigue many of you. Your's truly is already captivated with this device and the we're arranging the review sample with 加藤秀樹-san. What makes Soulnote E-2 special? It's a phono preamplifier, that  offer the MC, MM and optical cartridge inputs all in one device. Yes, its fully compatible with DS Audio optical cartridges. But, that's not all. Soulnote E-2 feature the independent adjustments with six types of Roll-Off, four types of turnover frequency and six types of Low Limit adjustment. This translates to a total of 144 variation of different EQ curves from the Decca, COLUMBIA to the initial SP record (FLAT).




The setting table for EQ curve is in the user manual



The EQ curve is realized by switching the capacitor of the load of the non-feedback balance amplifier with a large number of relays. As a result, not only "frequency response" but also "phase" are correctly reproduced.



The powerful output features Class-A-discrete-non-feedback-amplifier. In addition, this amplifier changes to the optical cartridge exclusive equalizer when the optical cartridge is selected.


Oversized 400VA toroidal transformer


Also, a large amount of rectifier capacitors are used.




Input sensitivity 

MC: 0.4 mV, MM: 4 mV, OPT: 50 mV



MC: 72 dB, MM: 52 dB, OPT: 30 dB


Rated output voltage BALANCE

2.8 V, UNBALANCE: 1.4 V


RIAA deviation 

± 0.2 dB


MC load resistance 

3 Ω, 6 Ω, 12 Ω, 24 Ω, 40 Ω, 100 Ω


MM load capacity 

100 P, 200 P, 350 P


MM load resistance 

47 KΩ


Equalizer frequency 


1.59, 2.12 (RIAA), 2.59, 3.18, 6.89, FLAT


Equalizer frequency TURNOVER [Hz] 

250, 390, 500 (RIAA), 630


Equalizer frequency 


50 (RIAA), 71, 100, 125, 150, FLAT


Power supply voltage 

AC 100 V 50/60 Hz


Power consumption 

50 W (J60065)


Maximum external dimensions Body: 

430 (W) x 160 (H) x 410 (D) mm


Weight Approximately 

20 kg



spike, power cable